About Ellwanger's Candle Company

Hi folks, Welcome to the website.

At the heart of Ellwanger's Candle Co. is me, Kylie! I started making candles in December 2019. Our 1970s style kitchen in a rental house was not only used for cooking, but was the place where I crafted all sorts of candles and messes! March 2020 I bought a laser engraver and started on leather and wood! I currently offer wooden car fresheners here on the website, but am always open to new ideas! 

June 20th 2020 I married my fiance, Brandon! We have been together for six years and have two beautiful dogs and one adorable cat!

July 2nd 2020 we bought a house and moved to Idaho!!  

2020 has been a wild ride, but we are doing our best to roll with the punches and keep smiling! 

Thank you all for being here with us!